Monday, January 15, 2007

Workbrain and Atlanta

Workbrain and Cisco Work Together to Enhance Workforce Productivity

Marriage of voice and data brings unprecedented availability to data capture

TORONTO - January 15, 2007 - Workbrain Corporation (TSX: WB), the leading provider of workforce management solutions for large enterprises, today announced that it has teamed with Cisco to significantly enhance workforce productivity by revolutionizing the century-old time clock. Taking advantage of Cisco's leading voice and data network through an Internet Protocol (IP) phone, the companies have developed the industry's first integrated voice and data solution that allows real-time, two-way communication between employees, supervisors and workforce management systems. The solution allows employees to complete workforce management transactions through IP telephones and interact in real time with supervisors at the employees' work department, thereby eliminating the labor time lost walking back and forth between the time clock to the work department. The technology is being showcased at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 96th Annual Convention & Expo being held in New York from January 15-17. Workbrain is exhibiting in booth 1901 and Cisco is exhibiting in booth 129.

Cisco Unified IP Phones provide a dramatic improvement in accessibility, affordability, manageability, performance and security over traditional time clocks. Employees can use Cisco Unified IP Phones to perform tasks such as punching in or out of work and logging hours to cost centers in real time. Cisco's unified voice and data backbone allows employees to also connect in real time with their supervisors, at the point of work, to immediately close the loop on operational workforce tasks. Combined with Workbrain's leading proactive alerts and notifications, Workbrain's total workforce management solution provides the most seamless interchange between organizations and their workforces in the industry.

"This is the most significant change to the time clock in one hundred years, a true milestone," said Howard Tarnoff, Vice President of Channels at Workbrain. "Until now, time clocks have been single-use, uni-directional devices that are often too expensive to locate conveniently throughout the work environment. Conversely, the phone is the most ubiquitous device in the workplace. This new, unified voice and data solution uses Cisco Unified IP Phones to bring real-time interactivity right to the point of work, without requiring any additional hardware investment."

About Workbrain

Workbrain provides the most widely deployed web-based workforce management solution for large enterprises. The company is the only provider of Total Workforce Management that helps organizations plan, deploy, and manage their workforce to reduce costs, increase sales, and boost employee satisfaction. Clients such as British Airways, General Mills, Target Corporation, and Lifespan choose Workbrain's industry-focused workforce management solutions to integrate workforce planning, labor forecasting, workforce scheduling, time and attendance, and workforce analytics on a single platform. For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking StatementsThis news release contains forward-looking statements which are not historical facts, but are based on certain assumptions and reflect Workbrain's current expectations. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Workbrain disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Given these risks and uncertainties, investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements as a prediction of actual results.

Workbrain is a trademark of Workbrain Inc. Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. All other product or company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Atlanta Pride Festivities 2006

(OPENPRESS) June 21, 2006 -- Atlanta Pop Sensation Spring will kick off the 2006 Altanta Pride Festivities being held at Piedmont Park June 23-June 25. Spring's performance is very upbeat and creates an instant party atmosphere. She will hit the stage on Friday June 23, 2006 at 6:30 PM immediately following the opening ceremony.If you are looking for something fun, fresh, vibrant, hot and deliberate… You are in the right spot. Come aboard this sensational ride and watch this super star captivate the world. “You only get one shot at your first album” explains Spring, “so I have to sound great, my producers have to bring heat, and we have to say something when we make noise”!

When sticking with this model, you end up with the winning package “Spring” is bringing to the world.The 22-year-old hottie grew up in Detroit Michigan. She began singing at the age of 4-years old when she visited her grandmother’s church in Alabama. After the first day, she never stopped singing again. She would sing solos and lead songs in her church choir. The first talent show she entered she won singing “Believe In You And Me” by Whitney Houston.

Everyone knew she was a star; there was something extra special about Spring. At the age of 10 Spring decided she was dropping out of elementary school to become a professional singer, but to her dismay her mother stressed the importance of education first and made her continue school. Inspired by artists such as Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, Res, Madonna, Christiana Aguilera, Donnie Hathaway, Janet Jackson, Destinys Child, and Whitney Houston, at the age of 19 Spring caught the first thing smoking and headed to Atlanta to pursue her singing career. Atlanta welcomed her with open arms and she found her true resting place, home of the new sound of the music Industry.

There, Spring has fit in and is able to blend her “HipPop” sound perfectly with the hard base lines home grown in the south. It is now time to raise the curtain and prepare to rise to the sounds of one of the most highly anticipated and tenacious entertainers the music scene has come across in a long, long time.Atlanta Pride is an annual event that is one of the largest FREE outdoor festivals in the City of Atlanta with attendance estimated at 300,000 for the weekendSpring Media Inquiries M.Scott404-483-2294 Direct

Additional postings see Atlanta Art .

Atlanta Socio-cultural Civic Engagement Program of 2006

Student Volunteer in New Orleans helping to clean up the disaster.

Center for Civic Engagement

Read the full release announcing the opening of Oglethorpe's Center for Civic Engagement.
Since its formation this fall, the Center for Civic Engagement has become the leading force in integrating the Oglethorpe educational experience with the city of Atlanta. With the OUr Atlanta program and campus events, it's been a busy fall for the Center staff already. A few examples of civic engagement include --Recent OUr Atlanta trips to Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola headquarters, High Museum, Atlanta History Center, CNN and the CDC.--An upcoming trip in January 2007 to New Orleans, the third official trip by Oglethorpe students since Hurricane Katrina hit last fall.--Dr. Knippenberg hosting a series of political candidates for discussions with students.--Sister Helen Prejean giving a keynote address to being our Dialogue on the Death Penalty conference, which included Mike Farrell from M*A*S*H.--A trip to three New York art galleries by Alan Loehle's Advanced Painting student.--The Oglethorpe Golf teams training students at Drew Charter School in partnership with First Tee of East Lake.

The Center also awarded the first two Presidential Awards for Civic Engagement in November. Awards were presented to Jessica Daniel '09, president of ECOS, for creating a student-run recycling program on campus, and to the men's basketball team, who was named the John Swain Volunteer of the Year by the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club.

The Center for Civic Engagement is currently staffed by Lindsey Cooper and Nate Stern. Read a profile of Lindsey in the fall 2006 issue of Carillon, Oglethorpe's alumni magazine. Tamara Nash will begin as the Director of the Center on December 4.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Welcome to Atlanta NightLife, RMC

Atlanta NightLife, RMC

A supporting blog for Atlanta Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC an Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between the cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Ithaca, New York. The focus of which is to exchange cultural information via the internet medium about the nightlife, dance, theatre life, art, artist, entertainment, accomodations, restaurants, and dance scene.

The second stage is to include the regional communities under the sociocultural and socioeconomic influences of the cities of Atlanta, Georgia. This add depth, and brings the online user into the very national environment of each selected city within the growing network of Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC. More importantly, it allows a greater field of participation from the community online users to convey their interests and contributions to this cultural democracy initiative.

The selected region communities of Atlanta are :

Marietta .
Forest Park .
Smyrna .
Jonesboro .
Roswell .
Fayetteville .
Peachtree .
Decatur .

There is more to come in the specific cultural areas which each city interculturally shares.

The Mission of the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network
[ Cultural Democracy ]

Cultural Communications:

Cultural communications is the very heart of this system, and through the internet a free flow flow of information network has already been established to allow this to happen. What is being done, is that an intiative based upon cultural democracy has been now established for your the community online user to participate. More importantly, for those who are contributing valued information getting known on the internet too!

All too often, several events are simply not know by travelers, tourist, or those who are lookign for communities to move and live. It is envisioned by this process that events become both known, and popular at the sametime. Moreover, new talent is happening all the time, and thus should likewise be promoted too!

Beyond that, is the emergence of the event provider, and thus system become even more crucial, and for two very important respects.

One: The promotion of the community itself, as represented in its entertainment value.

Two: The economic activity it establishes by which industries are likewise locally developed.

Thus this crucial initiative and where it starts for you is on this webpage...

Special Submissions Online Forms .

The growing dance culture:

The online system Dance Community Get - Togethers is a faciliative service system which is free and open to the public. This is to assist in the development of dance socials, dancce committee formations, and development of those contacts which makes dance troupes come about. Thus this can be called the empowerment zone.

Goto Website Dance Community .

The following are condensed information websites and thus they are as brief as possible. Moreover, and later on discussion boards will be added. This will also help in the flow of information.

Ballet and Modern Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Ballroom Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Belly and Folk Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Hip Hop and Modern Jazz dance Cities / City [ Website ]
The Latin and Salsa Dance Cities / City [ Website ]
Swing Dance Cities / City [ Website ]

The National and International Social Dance Registry [ WebSite ]
The Ithaca Dance Directory [ Website ]

You will note both the comments section and link exchange programs which are offered freely. Take advantage of them and the central reason for this is based upon how the internet views partnerships ( internet socialization promotionals via link exchanges ) as who is offering the best service, and has a check and balance as a result.
International Section:
World of Dance Visions.Central New York's only International Dance E-Zine. All style of dance are included, as well as National and International events are also posted.The International Cultural Fiesta Movement.A movement based upon the artisitic implementation of Intercultural communications to assist American students at institutions of higher education about cultures of the world by International Students-Scholars themseleves.The International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network .The network operation of the International Cultural Fiesta Movement.The International Dance Resources.A central resource on dance - which also has service links to other site by International service organizations who services specifically the International Student-Scholar.The National and International Social Dance Registry. Do you know of a weekly social dance anywhere in Europe ?
Then goto this WebSite and report it in.
Thank you RMC/Editor.Israel Information Center IthacaCultural Zionism's WebSitePro Israel - Pro Peace:This is a balanced perception in as much as you can not be for one and not the other. After 9/11, I started to implement several actions to develop a renewed environment from which International safety of a free - people can be possible. On you right is The Israeli Information Center Ithaca WebSite [ A Cultural Zionist WebSite ]. Below is the Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York which is based on developing an ehtnographic perception of commonality within the peoples of the region itself. This is to assist those within the private sector who know both Israeli and Arab alike in the mediation of establishing positive relationships between them...and only that.Whether it is talking, or debating on soccur, dating, coffee or the latest computer solf-ware. This is far more important, in as much as it establishes the human assests necessary for the success of a peace treaty when it comes.Mr. Roger Meredith Christian.In addition: The Foundation For Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York [ Hub - WebSite ], and to join one of the most important MSN discussion groups @ [ MSN - GroupSite ]. The Israel Information Center Ithaca [ Hub - WebPage ], and to join this MSN Cultural Zionism discussion group @ [ MSN - GroupSite ]. .Indymedia dot org ~ Cultural Democracy in Action by Roger M. Christian w/ Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC .The Central [ WebSite ] " For " Cultural Democracy: An INTERNET tool in the facilitation of the development of The Center for Cultural Democracy, Ithaca, New York. For those who are aware of this contemporary termenology goto ...Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay by Roger M. Christian.Indy Media Article on Cultural Democracy in Action.Foundation for Arab - Israeli ReconciliationIthaca, New YorkWhy This ?A general consensus is first needed to bring about the importance of private individual efforts to construct better ethnographic center relationships between the peoples of the Middle East, in very small, but very significant steps to achieve real security


Mr. Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York